Meaning of “HerPat(エルパト)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“HerPat(エルパト)” means “patrolling Hermes (to buy some expensive bags)”.
“Her(エル)” is an abstraction for Hermes and “pat(パト)” is an abstraction for patrol.
Some people doing “HerPat(エルパト)” to buy some expensive bags like Birkin bags. These days, it’s getting hard to get the opportunity to buy the bags. Additionally, the price of the bag is increasing.

Example Conversation

A: These days, I’m doing HerPat(エルパト), but I can’t see Birkin or even Picotan!
B: Hang in there! You can see them someday!
A: Yeah, shop staff’s ShioTaiou(塩対応) makes me depressed… but!! I will!!

A: 最近エルパトしてるんだけど、バーキンどころかピコタンにも出会えない!
B: がんばれ、いつか会えるよ
A: 店員さんが塩対応でめげそうだけど頑張る!

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