Meaning of “Remuru(リムる)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Remuru(リムる)” means “unfollow (some accounts)”.
This is a slang among young people.
“Remu(リム)” is an abbreviation for “remove(リムーブ)”.
“Ru(る)” makes “Remu(リム)” verb. I know remove is already a verb but this is a slang, don’t be take care of this.
Additionally, this “ru(る)” can change to “tta(った)” or “re(れ)” or so. You should consider “Remuru(リムる)” as a verb like other Japanese verbs which is changeable.
For example, rimutta(リムった)” is a past tense of “Remuru(リムる)”.

As you know, these days, internet world is important for young people.
So sometimes “remuru(リムる)” become a big issue of some relationship.

Example Conversation

A: I realized one of my high school friends “remu(リム)” my Instagram account. It makes me depressed just a bit…
B: Yeah… I can understand, it might be tough…

A: インスタ開いたら、高校の友達にリムられてたん…軽く鬱
B: リムられると凹むよね、わかる。

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