Meaning of “Ari yorino Ari(ありよりのあり)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Ari yorino Ari(ありよりのあり)” means “definitely yes”.
“Ari(あり)” means “yes” or “acceptable”.
“Yorino(よりの)” means “closer to” or “-ish”. Kind of…
This is a kind of slang among young people.

If you want to know “Ari yorino Ari(ありよりのあり)”, you should also learn these expressions.

・Nashi your no Ari(無しよりのあり) which means “might be yes”
・Ari yorino Nashi(ありよりの無し) which means “might be no”
・Nashi yorino Nashi(無しよりの無し) which means “definitely no”

It’s hard to explain in words… So look at this picture.
(Sorry, my handwriting is bad.)

For example, in this case “Nashi yorino Ari(無しよりのあり)”,
“Nashi yorino” is modifying “ari”.

Can you understand what I want to explain?

Example Conversation

[They are looking at the picture of idol group]

A: How about this girl? She is pretty, isn’t it?
B: Hmm…
A: Oh, bad? She is not your taste?
B: Ari yorino Ari!

A: この子どう?かわいくない?
B: うーん…
A: え?なし?
A: ありよりのあり!

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