Meaning of “Azatokawaii(あざとかわいい)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Azatokawaii(あざとかわいい)” means “CUTE even you know she pretend it on porpose (because she know it appeals to boys) “.
It’s hard to explain…
“Azato(あざと)” is from “Azatoi(あざとい)” which means sly or cunning basically.
“Kawaii(かわいい)” means cute.

If someone says “She is azatoi(あざとい)”, someone use it in a bad way.
It means “She is sly (and I hate her)”.
But someone says “She is azatokawaii(あざとかわいい)”,
it means “She is cute! She know how appeal to boys. ”

Example Conversation

A: She is so cute!!
B: Yeah, azatokawaii!!

A: このこめっちゃかわいいよね
B: ね、あざとかわいい!

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