Meaning of “Ikebo(イケボ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Ikebo(イケボ)” means the voice which sounds like good-looking guy’s voice.
In this case “Ike(イケ)” is an abbreviation for “IkeMen(イケメン)” which means good-looking guy.
“Ikebo(イケボ)”‘s “bo(ボ)” is an abbreviation for “Voice(ボイス)”.

“IkeMen(イケメン)” is an abbreviation for “Iketeru(イケてる) Mens(メンズ)”.
“Iketeru(イケてる)” means cool or awesome or hot.
“Mens(メンズ)” means men, I know the plural of man is men. But in Japanese English we sometimes call “men” “mens”.

You konw, in Japan, animation is popular, and voice actors are also popular.
So a lot of girls are into in voice actors having “Ikebo(イケボ)”.

Example Conversation

A: I got into ASMR video before I sleep.
B: I like it, but in my case, I got into Ikebo before I sleep.
A: Oh, I like it too!

A: 寝る前にASMR聞いて寝るのにはまってるんだよね。
B: ASMRもいいよね、私はイケボ聞きながら寝落ちにはまってる。
A: それもいいね!

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