Meaning of “Merikuri(メリクリ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Merikuri(メリクリ)” means “Merry Christmas”.
“Merikuri(メリクリ)” is just an abbreviation for “Merry Christmas(メリークリスマス)”.
And yes, Japanese always want to make words 4 characters.
It’s a slang whichi is known most of Japanese except for elder people maybe.

So if you have a Japanese friend, you can send a message like this.

By the way, I want to say “Merikuri(メリクリ)” to everyone!!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Example Conversation on Christmas

A: Oh, is it Christmas Today? Merikuri(メリクリ)!
B: Right, Merikuri(メリクリ)~
A: Do you have any plan tonight?
B: Of course lonely Christmas, don’t ask me…

A: あ、今日クリスマスだよね?メリクリ!
B: ほんとだ、メリクリ~。
A: 今晩の予定は?
B: ぼっちクリスマスに決まってるじゃん…聞かないでよ…。

※In Japan, Chrismas is a event for couple and children.

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