Meaning of “Emoi(エモい)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Emoi(エモい)” means “I’m moved” or “I’m touched”. We use this word when we feel emotional something.
It’s a slang in young people, and the origin of it is “emotional”.
It’s a feeling so it’s hard to explain it, but you can use it when you feel “I’m moved” or “I’m touched”.
In my opinion, when you feel “I’m impressed” you can’t use it.
In my opinion, “Emoi” feeling has thin connection with tears. Thin connection not strong connection.

Example Conversation

A: This song is so Emoi, isn’t it?
B: Emoi! Speaking of emoi, I took a picture in the evening, then the picture looks so Emoi. Look at this.
A: Oh, super emoi.


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