Meaning of “Kyun-desu (きゅんです/キュンです)”

This article was written over a year ago.

It means “my heart skipped a beat!”. It’s a trend word and gesture among young people specialy on TikTok.
“Kyun” is an onomatopoeic word, we use it when we feel “my heart skipped a beat” , “my heart flutters”.
You can also use “Kyun” when you find something cute.
“Desu” is the word we use the end of the sentence in polite.

Only “kyun”, it’s a just onomatopoeic word, but “kyun-desu” is a trend word and gesture.
In this case, “desu” is not used for common pourpose, it makes “kyun” trend and something fun word.

By the way, I have to explain about the “kyun-desu” gesture.
Check this movie up!

Crossing your thumb and index finger, it’s a “kyun-desu” gesture.
And we also call it “yubi heart”.
“Yubi” means finger, so “yubi heart” means the gesture creating heart shape by your finger.

The end of this article, I’ll tell you how to use it.
When you think “it’s so cute” or “I like it”, say “Kyun-desu” and do the “kyun-desu” gesture! Thant’s it!

Example Conversation

A: Look at this cat, so cute!!
B: Wow, kyun-desu!
A: Kyun-desu!

A: みてみて、この猫ちょーかわいい!
B: マジだー、キュンです!
A: キュンです!

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