Meaning of “Suko(すこ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Suko(すこ)” means “I like it”. This is a popular slang among young people.
The origin of “Suko(すこ)” is “Suki(すき)” which is a normal Japanese word.
“Suki(すき)” also means “I like it”, yes, same meaning.
Why we change it? Maybe it sounds more cute and funny.

Example Conversation

A: Did you check the Instagram live?
B: I watched, it was so cute!!
A: Their conversation was awesome, really suko!

A: 昨日のインスタライブ見た?
B: 見たー、ちょーかわいかった!!
A: 二人のやりとりとか最高だよね、ほんとすこ!

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