Meaning of “Maji Manji(マジ卍)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Maji Manji(マジ卍)” dosen’t have a specific meaning. We use it when we want to express emotional something.
It’s a slang and it was a gal’s trend word from around 2016. We used this almost anytime.
But these days it’s an obsolete word.

“Maji(マジ)” means “seriously”.
“Manji(卍)” is as just a symbol but the pronunciation is similar with “Maji(マジ)”.
So someone mixed them. “Maji Manji” sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Example Conversation

A: Tomorrow is an exam day.
B: Maji Manji(マジ卍)
A: Anyway, this Anpan is so tasty, isn’t it?
B: Maji Manji(マジ卍)

A: 明日テストだー
B: マジ卍!
A: ってかこのアンパンうまくね?
B: マジ卍!

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