Meaning of “agepoyo(あげぽよ)” / “sagepoyo(さげぽよ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

Agepoyo(あげぽよ) means “pump me up”.
Sagepoyo(さげぽよ) means “let me down”.
Both of them were gal’s trend words in around 2010.

“Age(上げ)” means up and “Sage(下げ)” means down.
“Poyo(ぽよ)” has no meaning but sounds cute, just it.

Gal’s trend words become outdated soon, so be careful if you don’t want people to think you’re behind the times!

Example Conversation

A: Oh, Did you get a haircut? So cute!
B: Thank you. That’s what people say. agepoyo!

A: あ、髪切った?かわいいじゃん!
B: ありがとー。みんなそう言ってくれるんだよね!あげぽよ~!

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