Meaning of Zirai(地雷)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means a person who is a black sheep and nuisance.
Zirai(地雷) means a land mine but we use it as “a black sheep” in slang.
So Zirai means a troublesome person, so we have to take care like when we walk on a land mine.
They are needy and selfish. And sometimes they are poet, they publish their poem on Instagram Stories to get attention.
In my opinion they are close to menhera.

ZiraiOnna(地雷女) is an also trend slang.
Onna(女) means woman, so it means the woman who is a black sheep and nuisance.

ZiraiMake(地雷メイク) is also popular in gal.
Make(メイク) means makeup.
So ZiraiMake(地雷メイク) means a makeup style witch make someone look like the ZiraiOnna(地雷女).
The point of ZiraiMake is blushing pink eye shadow, then you can get swollen eyes without crying and you looks like having mental problems.
ZiraiMake(地雷メイク) is a trend so it’s easy to find a lot of ZiraiMake gal in Instagram.

Example Conversation

A: She is so cute, exactly my type.
B: Really? She looks like zirai.
A: I don’t think so, she is just wearing zirai make up.

A: あいつマジでかわいいよね。タイプだわぁ。
B: え、なんか地雷っぽくない?
A: いやー、そんなことないと思うよ。地雷メイクしてるだけでしょ。

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