Meaning of “ConCafe(コンカフェ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“ConCafe(コンカフェ)” is an abstraction for “Concept Café(コンセプトカフェ)” which means a café having a theme.
Every ConCafe has a theme and prepare proper interior decoration and staff uniform and menu or so.

Maid Café

The most famous type of ConCafe is Maid café I think.
Maid cafe’s theme is “maid”. At the maid café, customer is master and the staff is maid.
You can find this type of café in Akihabara easily.

Collabo Café (コラボカフェ)

CollaboCafe(コラボカフェ) is also one of the type of ConCafe.
CollaboCafe(コラボカフェ) is an abstraction for “Collaboration Café(コレボレーションカフェ)”.
The café is collaborate with a movie or manga or game or voice actor or YouTuber or something…
At the Collabo café, you can buy goods of the theme and eat some foods which is inspired the theme.

[SPYxFAMILLY Collabo Café]
SPYxFAMILLY is a popular anime and manga and this café is thh Collabo café of it.

[Stranger things café]
Stranger things café is a popup café in Shibuya, and this is also Collabo Café(コラボカフェ). (And I went to this café! It was fun!)

Anyway, there are a bunch of “ConCafe(コンカフェ)” especially in Tokyo, so I recommend trying some “ConCafe(コンカフェ)”!

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