Do you know about “Irasutoya(いらすとや)”

This article was written over a year ago.

Irasutoya(いらすとや) is the most popular website of royalty free illustrations in Japan.
If you live in Japan, you’ve definitely seen the illustration of Irasutoya(いらすとや).

There are a plenty of illustrations, you can find the image you want at there!
Many company use the illustration of Irastoya, and government also use it too!

Some people express the movie by illustration of Irasutoya as quiz.
Look at this! What movie is this do you think?

If you can search the image in Japanese, and you can understand and follow the rule(, you should use this site. Irasutoya(いらすとや)
This is not Stealth Marketing!

[addition: Jan 5th, 2021]
Irasutoya start to collaborate with “ONE PIECE” which is a popular manga.
Look! So cute, isn’t it?
You can check all of this at here >>!!

[addition: Jan 26th, 2021]
On Jan 25th, Takashi Mifune who runs Irasutoya and create all of the illustration anounced that he stop to update everyday.
He drew and updated the website everyday 10 years!!! WOW, unbeleabable!!!
I want to express my respect for him!!!
His twitter account is here!!(
He’s going to stop updating everyday but he still continue his great work!!

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