Valentine’s day in japan

This article was written over a year ago.

Valentine’s day is a chocolate day for me.
There are many chocolate event in this season, and many chocolate makers come to Japan and sell their fantastic chocolates. And we can try them a lot!!
So I like this season very much 🙂

On Japanese Valentine’s day, woman give chocolate to man by tradition.

For young girls it was a day when they confess their love with chocolate. It’s called “honmei-choko”(It means chocolates for crush.)
For adult women it was a day when they give obligatory chocolate to their male co-workers. It’s called “giri-choko”.

But these days it was changed.

For young girls it is a day when girls enjoy chocolates. They exchange chocolates, we call it “tomo-choko”(It means chocolates for friend).
For adult woman it is a a day when they enjoy chocolates for themselves.
Of course, It remains tradition. Women give “giri-choko”, girls give “honmei-choko”.

Anyway, for many female, it’s a chocolate day.

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